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To state it simply, because WE CARE. And our current customers know and appreciate this.

Our customers, to us, are more than dollars and numbers.
That's because we don't just offer great products at good prices. We offer the personal
touch, that seems have disappeared in business today.
When we started, some 25 years ago, that's the way we did business. 
Today nothing has changed in the way we still do business.
That's why we have happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back.
We give good old fashion honest, reliable, personal, helpful service and advice.
Like advise on what type of computer would best suit what I need (Desktop, Notebook etc.).
What make and type of printer, and where do I buy refills from, at the best price.

Who is the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) for my requirements.

What Internet phone (VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol) company/plan should I use.
We offer phone support and assistance for those customers that are not quite sure about 

how this or that works or is done on their (new or existing/current) computer.

Helping sort out printer installation, Internet connection, networking and other problems.

Plus many more value-added services that many (big) companies don't offer, or at least without

charging you extra.


         We pass on the FULL manufacturers warranty, up to 10 years, without asking you to pay extra for it.


         Neither do we promise you things we can't do.

         We offer you realistic timetables and quick service/repairs and 'turn-arounds'.
         When we say we will be there at a certain day and time, we meet that commitment (traffic permitting).

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