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Does using your computer have you in knots?

Does trying to use it seem like you're fighting a losing battle?

Are you tied to it for long periods trying to get things done?

Let us help you to break your shackles and become free.

Our training will help you master your computer.

Do things quickly and easily in less time than you thought.

Do more in less time - Be more proficient, Save Time, Save Money.

We make it easy. We make it fun.

Learn to use your computer quickly, easily and fully.
Don't be hindered by the long (default, time consuming) way of doing things or being restricted to only using a few
percent of what your computer can do. We can teach you to use much more, and in a quicker way.
  Time is precious. Time is money. Especially in business. Improve your productivity.
  Have your staff do more with the time they are on the job by spending less time doing computer tasks, thus saving you money by getting more done.
  To the owner, it also means more free time to either do more business, thus make more money or have more leisure time.
We conduct courses on-site (business premises, office, home) or in training rooms, for businesses & individuals
on all versions of Windows (95,98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8) as well as Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013)
 (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point etc.) and many other software packages.
Also learn to use other Windows functions, components and programs easily, quickly and efficiently.
Learn to use the internet properly - browsing, searching, email and much, much more.
We have the latest training qualifications Certificate IV in Training & Assessment so you know you are being trained by qualified professionals.
  Click here to Contact us and find out more information on the courses we run and the details - course dates and times, cost and so on.

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