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About us

Firstly, starting in computers about 30 years ago, back in 1979, when the Commodore Business Machines (CBM) were one of the first PCs and the king, with Apple II as it's main rival, and starting with CBM 3016 (Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Translator))  then progressing onto 4000 and 8000 series and also the C64 and 128, our teeth were cut on the various programming languages - Basic, Fortran, Cobol, C and so on. We had little memory - from 8 to 32 Kilobytes and Cassette Drive storage. Later came the 'Floppy" Drives, then the Hard Disk Drives.

In 1982 we started using the new IBM XT and then AT machines, which, excitingly, had open architecture, and you could build them yourself and add or change components.
With it came MS-DOS (Microsoft - Disc Operating System), starting from, needless to say, 1.00 and went up to 6.22 (1994).
Along the way (in 1985-6) came Windows Version 1.0, which was very unimpressive, but Version 2 and subsequently Version 3 proved very successful and got Windows rolling onto what it is today. Both the later had viable environments for development of major applications, like Word Processors ad Spread Sheets and the outstanding feature was multi-tasking - able to run more than one program at a time, which, until then, was all we could do.

Working mainly on writing programs in DOS for various business applications, little else was done. But as more and more people were buying computers, we then started first upgrading, modifying, altering, repairing them and so on.
It wasn't until Windows NT 3.1, 3.5 and 4.0 hit the market, in 1994, and the release of Windows 95 the next year, that there was a surge of people wanting to be trained in using this new and exciting software and the applications that could be used in it. The ease (compared to DOS) that things could be done, even for someone that new nothing about computers, made it easier to learn the basic operations of these systems.
As we learned more about these new systems, we found ways of doing things quicker and easier thus saving time in using these systems and the applications that could be used in them.
So, apart from training people in the Windows operating system and the applications and programs that could be used there-in, we taught them how to save time by doing things in a more efficient and quicker manner by use of shortcuts, personalising and setting out their computer to quickly use the applications that they mostly and commonly used as well as many other very useful things.
This, to business, meant tasks completed quicker, more work done, subsequently money saved by the employer (a better bottom line). To the small business owner(s) (sole trader - partnerships) and to the individuals, this enabled then to use less time on the computer, thus giving them more free time to do what they really wanted ................ playing golf, sailing, spending more time with your loved ones, making more money .................
For the purpose of teaching people, we did courses ourselves to help us teach and train people better, and currently hold the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.
All this to help us be able to teach and train people to the best of our ability so they can achieve whatever computer goals they want and subsequently improve themselves and their businesses.
We trained people, both businesses and private individuals, in classroom facilities as well as in work environments, like their offices, factories and so forth, to become mini Windows experts thus taking out the mystique of computers and some peoples fear of them.
With these (NT) systems came the ability to link computers in the workplace and LAN (Local Area Network) networking became part of our repertoire, with WAN (Wide Area Networking......computers at different sites (locations)) after that. Now with the Internet, we also do VPN (Virtual Private Networks).

We have long since broadened our horizons with the advent and popularity of the World Wide Web (Internet), and also train people in all aspects of using the Web. As well as registering a Web name and having a presence on the Web, building Web pages, ISP (Internet Service Provider) setup, E-mail setup, Site hosting and so on.

Tinkering and modifying the earlier computers and subsequently building, modifying and upgrading our many machines over the years (from the 8086 CPU to the Pentium of today) it has become second nature to build machines to people specifications and requirements and upgrading them when they have been out grown, like installing a larger or second Hard Drive, a DVD writer or installing extra cards. A faster video card or SCSI card, for example.
Anything you will ever need, to do with computers, we can provide. From building a machine with whatever specifications, wants and needs you or your business requires. Installing the machine(s) and software, additional hardware (printers etc.), software needs, training, networking, internet requirements and much more. We are your 'one call shop' that will deliver and do it reliably and dependably.
Our goal is your security and wisdom.

This being achieved by teaching you how to use your computer, if not like an expert, close there to.
This will subsequently allow you to save money and time. With money saved you have a bigger nest egg, thus security, and more free time to make more money if you wish, and a bigger nest egg.
Then giving you more knowledge of the use of computers, thus giving you wisdom.

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